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Bijou my German Kleinspitz

Bijou is my Kleinspitz, she is super clever and learns super fast. She already had photoshootings and advert jobs which she mastered like a superstar. I can write books about this extraordinary character. She always surprises me with new things and shows me the world through her eyes. I've been on a set with Bijou most of the time and I can't think of a better workmate.


Boijou already achieved the
Novice, Intermediate, Advanced and Expert Certificates and is currently working on her Animal Actor Certificates and Champion.


We always try to improve  because Bijou loves trick training. If she had to choose between playing with another dog, going for a walk, or learning tricks, she would choose learning tricks.  Her favorite trick is "Smile" which she now does automatically,

If you follow the paw you will get to Bijou's full profile.

On set with  Elvis the Cavapoo


I've had the privilege of working twice on set with Elvis. Elvis is a very social sweet dog. He loves getting attention. For photoshoots he was very easy to work with. He is the born photomodel. He knows exactly when he's in front of the camera that he's the star and it's incredibly fun to watch him enjoying this attention. Elvis has an incredible amount of patience and was always in a good mood on the set and enjoyed every attention to the fullest.I'm sure we'll see a lot more of Elvis.

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Dog training with Archie the Yorkipoo

Archie is a bright little Yorkipoo who especially likes to jump up high. That's why I like to call him the bouncy Archie. Archie and his family have been clients of Paws on set since October 2021 and have already achieved a lot with their best friend. Archie's biggest challenge was learning to "hold". But with a lot of patience he finally made it and we are all very proud of the little man. When I visit Archie he jumps in my face with joy. Up and down and is totally overwhelmed because he knows exactly now we will practice new tricks with him. It is always a great pleasure for me to visit Archie and his family.Archie now has his Novice and Intermediate title and is currently working on his Advanced Certificate. I'm really proud of Archie and his family. It always puts a smile on my face when I see how motivated my clients are to work with their dog and how strong the bond between them becomes.

Archie's Novice Tricks

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Archie's Intermediate Tricks

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Dog training with Lottie the rescue

Lottie is a rescue from romania, she had to learn from a very young age what it means to survive on the road. Luckily she now has her own home that she proudly guards. Lottie is a very good friend's dog who we often go for walks with. Lottie has a very talented sport and is super fast. She is a very bright but also very stubborn dog. She is affectionate and loves long walks. She loves to hunt squirrels.Which is why she often has to walk on a leash. Lottie comes from an organization that needs a lot of support to feed and care for dogs in Romania. She  Lottie is currently working with me on her Novice Certificate. Her mum brings Lottie to my place sometimes and we practice a lot of tricks. Bijou has already shown her a lot.




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Bonding with Cesar the Pomeranian

Cesar the smallest Pomeranian I know, he has a very unique character and is incredibly difficult to train because Cesar is absolutely not Food Motivated. But not every dog ​​has to learn tricks, especially if the dog doesn't want to. Cesar is an almost everyday companion. And became something like a little brother for my Bijou. The two see each other regularly as my friend and I support each other by looking after the dogs when one of us has to go away. He  doesn't like strangers that much, especially men.

He doesn't like being petted in his bag or wear a harness. The little man will growl when something doesn't suits him. When I met Cesar I first had to bond with him, it took a while before he allowed me to pick him up.

Sometimes you can see him just being himself in our videos and that's what we love about him so much.

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Cesar the Christmas Tree

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Cesar's Halloween visit


Bonding with Buddy the Chihuahua rescue

I had the pleasure of meeting the cutest Chihuahua. The legend that Chihuahuas bark a lot is true! But what's so bad about a dog just being himself ? He's just doing his job, like you and me. Buddy is a very cuddly little man and the loveliest Chihuahua I have ever met.He is an incredibly. He prefers to sleep under the covers and enjoys a lot of human contact. But he can also scold him if something doesn't suit him. Buddy has a backstory that we unfortunately don't know. Buddy was rescued and at the same time he rescued his mum, they both have an extraordinary story.When I work on tricks with him, it always takes him a little longer to understand that this is something great and that he will be rewarded for it. But he has made great progress and can already "Sit Pretty". His owner has practiced a lot with him. Even the little Buddy can learn a lot step by step.

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