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Posy is a small dog with a big dream. But for her big dream, Posy
has to grow a lot more. When it turns out that Posy is a Spitz and a
Spitz  will always be a small dog, she has to learn what really matters and maybe she will find a new, really big dream.
A delightful and heartfelt story, that inspires young and old.


Posy, small dogs with big dreams, is my first children's book with my own illustrations. The story tells of the dreams of a small dog.  The story was of course inspired by my own little dog Bijou. Bijou shows me the world with her eyes enchantes me and teaches me that there can many dreams in life, not just one.  So I came to London and learnt to become a dog trick trainer.

I started writing and drawing again which porovides a balance to acting.


I started acting when I was 16 years old and wrote my first screenplay when I was 18. Then followed many more scripts and plays. I have the passion for writing and drawing since my childhood. I've been working on a Fantasy Trilogie since I was 10 Years old.  And I know that will be my life's work. But my life's work needs to grow with every experience which I'm having.


Every story needs time and development, before they can be told. Even Posy took time too, until I drew and wrote her down.


Through Posy I would like to show chidlren, a little hero , that tells of different possibilities and dreams. And I hope in Posy's following stories the children can joy her adventures and be part of them and learn that every little hero can make a big difference.

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