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Film Challenge

Film a scene


As a Certified Dog Trick Instructor and Animal Actors Certified Evaluator, I am able to issue you and your dog a certificate that you can achieve by participating in my own challenge, the "Film Scene Challenge". There you show  your dog's performance and acting talent and who knows, you might also want to be in front of the camera to tell a story with your dog.



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Bijou's Morning Routine

Bijou The Storyteller

Film a scene like in a movie. Your dog should be able to perform as many tricks as possible.

Actors are very welcome.  Let your creativity run free.


When you're done, send me the link to your scene, if all the requirements have been met, you'll receive a certificate and an award for participating in the Film Scene Challenge with paws on set.

Participation costs for confirming your video and processing + sending the certificate: 30.00 Pounds

You can download the registration form here and email it to me.


Terms and Conditions for the Film Scene Award


- Any dog ​​of any breed and age can participate in the challenge.

- The well-being of the dog is the most important and that he is not forced !

If you can see that the dog is stressed, or has a tucked tail, or looks unhappy, then the certificate cannot be issued. It's the same as on the set, "No animals were harmed". Well-being comes first !

- Please make sure your dog feels comfortable in front of the camera and happy to perform.

- Shoot in safe locations and only use safe equipment for your dog.

- In the scene you should not see that your dog is focused on treats.

- The trainer or actor should not reward the dog for its performance in the scene.

- The tricks should be shown in front of the camera but the trainer should not be in the picture.

Unless the audience can not see the trainer.

- The scene should tell a little story.


- The recordings should be taken horizontally.


- Recordings must be clear, not hissing sound. The scene does not need to have a dialogue. But dialogues are welcome if the sound is clear.


- You don't need professional equipment for your scene. The important thing is that I can see the recordings clearly.


- Please note that if you use music for your video and publish it, the music license is free. I will not check this and will not publish your video on social media without your permission. I will only rate the video regarding the film work with your dog.

-  You can send me the video via youtube link, wetransfer or dropbox.

- Entry fee £30.00, and must be transferred when your registration form has been confirmed.

You will receive the bank details for the transfer after  confirming your form.


- If you have successfully completed the challenge, you will receive a certificate and for your participation, and an award as a reward for your film work.

- On the registration form you can choose whether you only want the certificate or the certificate and the award. If you want both, an additional 5.00 £ will be added.


- If you don't pass the challenge you have 2 months to improve and submit a new video at no additional cost. If you then fail again, a fee of £15 will apply.

- If you decide to cancel the challenge and have paid for the award, you will be refunded the award. (5.00 £ )

- During your scene work you can contact me at any time for questions and advice.

- Let your creativity run free and surprise me with your little story.


And Action





This can be your Certificate

This can be your Award

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Just for Fun Challenges

For the joy and fun of wanting to take on new challenges together with your dog, you can take part in a wide variety of challenges here.
Here you only pay for the certificate issued by "Do More With Your Dog". Your task is to film your dog doing the tricks that are given here with a lot of joy and fun and to send me the video at the end. I will watch the video and if everything is correct I confirm and apply the certificate for you.


Cost: 20.00 £

Follow the paw prints for examples and the rules list                      Video Examples                             Rules

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More Video Examples coming soon !






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