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New Years Offer


Photo model training & Dog Tricks


Are the photos of your dog always blurry?
Does your dog never look at the camera and never sit still?
Then I can show you how to get your dog ready for the camera with a few little tricks. Or do you want to teach your dog new tricks?

I come to your house in North London and we can do the Dog Trick training face to face.

The course has 4 training units. We can determine the course times together.

Prices for the training:

Become a photo model & Dog Tricks


Full Training
45-60 min, 4 Training lessons (total 4 hours) 

In the period 12.2.24 - 16.2.24

20.00 £ per hour / Total 80.00 £


Online course: 10.00 £ per hour / Total: 60.00 £

Weekly in the evening, by appointment

One-time training with a few small tips

60 min, 1 Training lesson (total 1 hour) 

In the period  12.2.24-18.2.24

Total 20.00 £

Travel expenses included.
Please note that we can negotiate the price if there are no travel expenses in case the customer is local.

Safe Your Dates !

Safe Your Date !

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