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"Bijou's Morning Routine"


"Bijou The Stoyteller"

Bijou's Expert Tricks

Something to laugh about


Bijou has already achieved the following titles:

Novice & Novice Masters
Intermediate & Intermediate Masters
Advanced & Advanced Masters

We are currently working on the Actor and Champion Titels.

This photo was taken at a private shoot in 80/90 style. Bijou had taken off a pair of sunglasses on this one. The photographer caught the moment perfectly. The image is unedited and it actually looks like Bijou is holding the glasses.

Photo by: Nadia Sagan

What's the difference between a German Spitz and a Pomeranian, follow the paw for a PomPom Lesson,


The German Kleinspitz

Bijou is a German Kleinspitz. Bijou has always been a dog who wanted to learn a lot. If she had to choose between playing with other dogs, going for a walk, or learning tricks, she would choose learning tricks. I noticed very early on that Bijou learns super fast and she can even get bored if you don't keep the trick routine. The desire to go to the film set with her became a bigger desire. Because Bijou would be absolutely capable of bringing a great performance to the screen. She loves to be the center of attention and likes to be around people. Sometimes she gets a little nervous if you approach her too quickly, she shows us that with a loud roaring bark, but then she is completely calm again. Bijou has already accompanied me to various Drama Coach Lessons and was also part of a shoot where I was in front of the camera. She is extremely patient. But doesn't like to work for free, treats always have to be there. But she is also able to perform the tricks without treats. Then she just looks at you and asks. She is shy with children and unfortunately doesn't like Toddlers, but she already worked well with a little girl who was absolutely lovely with her. She can thaw if the child has a treat and is careful around dogs. In general, I try to avoid  work with "many" children.

Bijou had her first professional job for a Hong Kong Magazine where she was able to deliver the perfect Photo in just 30 minutes.

Bijou is great for photo shoots, she grew up in front of the camera, she  immediately knows when the focus is on her. Bijou has had many private photo shoots that I have organized.

She has also appeared in the Go Compare and Deliveroo commercials. And has taken on the role of Brusier for the Mayhem Theater in Legally Blonde in 2021. Bijou has mastered this task wonderfully and has implemented her own vision of Bruier in her very own artistry and vision. Bijou is great for Film and TV work.

However, Bijou is only suitable for a musical if regular rehearsals can take place before the show dates, as well as stage plays. Unfortunately, I often have to turn down such job offers, as most of the time only 3 (or less) days of rehearse periods are offered. This time is too short to familiarize a dog with the ensemble and the stage.

Bijou is a bright German Kleinspitz and conquers everyone's hearts pretty quickly. Children often think she is a fox. But she is quite simply a German Kleinspitz.

She also gets along very well with cats if you call the cats by their names and don't refer to the cat as a "cat". This is another funny character trait of her.

Bijou loves food a lot, which is why she would like to be a Hoover and would like to vacuum every floor every day. She also loves her bags. She'd rather sit in her bag and travel first class than walk.

But she is very fit when it comes to long and big walks

Bijou is very fixated on me but as soon as she takes a liking to someone she is open to new friends.

Bijou loves the beach, but prefers to stay away from the waves. She likes to romp in the sand and loves to play with her particularly small ball. Bijou has 2-3 favorite toys. Which she cares for properly by constantly cleaning. It's also funny that she really likes "Shrek ears". Shrek Adventures gave me Shrek ears for fun. I just can't put them on because Bijou then barks and even pulls his ears off his head.

In addition, Bijou is a true watchdog. Post and Food Delivery have heard a lot about this.


Bijou's absolutely best trick is "Smile" which she does automatically.
She already has some Certificates from Novice - Expert and currently we are working on the Animal Actor and Champion Certificates.

Bijou's extraordinary character traits make me smile every day and she enchants me every time.

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