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Paws on set

Everyone has seen dogs in movies and Hollywood has its dog stars as well as its human ones, but how do you train a dog for a movie? 

One of my favorite dog movies is the 1996 film ‘101 Dalmatians’. As a child I was amazed to see all these dogs working and ‘acting’ so perfectly, the emotions they seemingly portrayed, the tricks and the choreographed performances….And it all comes down to training 

"Paw's on set" is about my passion to work with dogs.  


As a professional dog performance Instructor, I can make your dog ready for film sets, TV or photographic model shootings.

Perhaps you would also like to train your dog for film work,photo shootings,or maybe you just want to learn tricks with your dog to strengthen your bond and proudly hang certificates over your chimney. Then you have come to the right place. But before you take this step, some things are very important.


There are many people in this world that think they think they can make a lot of money bringing their trained dog to film, TV or model shooting. Your dog will not make you rich, and it certainly shouldn't be trained to be one. If you want to go on set with your dog, you need to know your dog well, your dog should enjoy performing tricks and be completely comfortable. Fun, joy and above all welfare is the most important thing you should pay attention to.
Never force your dog to do a trick he doesn't like.


Welfare always comes first !!!


I would be happy to accompany you on the journey to train your dog to become a trick dog.

In our regular trick training (depending on your dog's level) we start with the Novice trick list and build up to the Expert list.
After that you would have many more opportunities to learn more.

You can also take part in various challenges and receive certificates and awards. You are welcome to follow our pawprints for this.


I love to spend time with my dog. And what could be better than having the chance to work with your dog in a creative, fun, and possibly way.

Working with dogs is the most beautiful experience that warms your heart.

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