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Posy is a small puppy with a big dream. But for her dream, Posy has to grow a lot more. When it turns out that Posy is a Spitz and a Spitz will always be a small dog, she has to learn what really matters and maybe she will find a new, really big dream. Posy, inspires both the young and the old.

Trough Posy I would like to show children a little hero, that tells of different possibilities and dreams. I hope in Posy's following stories children can enjoy her adventures and be part of them and learn that every little hero can make a big difference.

Posy, small dogs with big dreams

  • Length: 21.00 cm
    Width: 15.5 cm
    Spine: 0.7 mm

    Book cover and back cover colored
    31 colored pictures
    21 Pages

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